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Any plans to implement Zimbra appliance?

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We've been taking a look at various groupware suites (see the whiteboard).

From our POV the problem with many of these groupware packages (including Zimbra) is that they are not officially supported by Ubuntu or Debian. This means installation can be more difficult and automatic security updates for that application will be broken.

OTOH, some users just don't care about that sort of stuff and for some applications (e.g., evaluation/training) that doesn't even matter, so what we're considering doing is releasing appliances like that with proper documentation as to the issues and then just let users decide.

If we go down that road Zimbra would be an option. I've registered a create-zimbra-appliance blueprint.

BTW, installation of Ubuntu is documented here. Should be helpful once we reach that bridge.

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There are a few other systems that may make acceptible candidates for groupware systems & exchange-alternatives (in varying degrees of openess & complexity)

  • CommuniGate
  • Zimbra
  • Zarafa
  • eGroupWare
  • Kerio
  • Lotus Notes
  • Novell GroupWise
  • Open-Xchange

eBox has a pretty OK implementation of eGroupWare; a lot more pollished than it was a while back. Their OS isn't too great (the underlyig Ubuntu is pretty sluggish), but I've found it to be MUCH snappier installing the eBox system from the repositories on top of the TKL-core.

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