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I would like to submit a request for a "virtulization appliance".

We wanted to build and deploy a server to a remote office. We decided to use VirtualBox to deploy the application. We also decided to use the Core ISO as the host OS for virtual box. This process was somewhat painful because of all the dependencies needed to install and run VirtualBox (hours instead of minutes).

The virtulization appliance would have all the dependencies resolved and automatically ready to receive it's first guest OS.

Let me know if we can help with this process since we have already done this step once.

Regards, Chuck

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Virtualization appliances are another thing we have on our agenda, but we hadn't really considered using VirtualBox for that due to the large amount of dependencies. I think of VirtualBox as more of a desktop oriented platform than a server-side platform.

We were thinking of going with with DTC and/or ProxMox VE, but currently this is at a very early stage of planning and we're busy with other development tasks so I don't know if we'll manage to squeeze that into the next release.

What will definitely help is if you or someone else in the community steps up to shoulder the burden by developing (and documenting) a prototype which we can use as a reference implementation knowing the major gotchas have been identified and sorted through.

See our community development page for further details.

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