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I love that you guys are using linux to help distribute all of this stuff. That said, it seems a bit silly that when I am on linux there isn't a program I can grab from synaptic or the add/remove applications. I understand that this is designed on a certain release, and that ugrades might make things go wonky, but installing a virtual version of ubuntu on ubuntu?

I don't know much about turnkey, I'm starting to love it, but is that really what is happening?

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Installing software directly on your Ubuntu system and installing software as an appliance is a bit different. There are pros and cons, depending on your usage scenario. Note that you can install an appliance on bare metal with the ISO if you don't want to use virtualization. That's up to you.

For more details on the pros and cons see: what is a virtual appliance?

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You can install on bare metal.

Download the ISO and write it to a CD.
On the server, boot from that CD and follow the prompts to install the appliance.

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