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I'm skimming over 37signals Getting Real (recommended btw). One of the sections is entitled Hold the Mayo - Ask people what they don't want.
Most software surveys and research questions are centered around what people
want in a product. "What feature do you think is missing?" "If you could add
just one thing, what would it be?" "What would make this product more useful
for you?"

What about the other side of the coin? Why not ask people what they don't want?
"If you could remove one feature, what would it be?" "What don't you use?" 
"What gets in your way the most?"

More isn't the answer. Sometimes the biggest favor you can do for customers is 
to leave something out.

TurnKey appliances usually only include the bare essentials anyway, but I thought it would be interesting to put the above questions on the table. So, should we hold the mayo?

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