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I created a new ProjectPier theme called "kamp". Expand as the folder "kamp". Copy the "kamp" folder into public/assets/themes of ProjectPier. Go into Administration > Settings > General > Themes and select "kamp".

It looks sort of loosely like Basecamp. It was easy to build. I just popped open Firebug on Firefox, selected things, and then began editing the CSS. As I did that, I copied those changes into the project file and refreshed the page on another browser tab.

I'm still waiting on a response from the ProjectPier team to let me post on their site. You can have an early release of it here, instead.



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Just tried Kamp Theme for Project Pier.. Its COOL... Looks Most similar to BaseCamp..

Recommanded A++++


Hardik Vyas.

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How have you tried contacting the ProjectPier "team" and what response have you gotten? 

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