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Hi All

I just found Turnkey yesterday and oh boy, what can i say but OH COOL ... Anyway, i have Xubuntu as my Host Box with Virtualbox installed.  I have installed Lamp Turnkey and now i'd like to get started, so my question is if i am working wth Eclipse on my Host Box, how do i upload my webfiles to my my guest server ?

I am using Flex Linux in eclipse !

Many Thanks

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I know nothing about Eclipse or Flex but SFTP is the way to go for files. On both Windows & Ubuntu I use Filezilla - from GetDeb under Ubuntu (the site is down at the moment see here). But I'm sure there are other options from the normal repos. I just like using a cross platform solution.

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You can also add Virtual Box shared folder - e.g. read-only directory on your host in which you have your source code or Eclipse project. VB shared folder requires VirtualBox Guest Additions installed on your guest OS.

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Thanks for the advice ... I have filezilla already installed, so thats not a problem.  As for VB Guest Additions you need to have xorg etc installed and i did not wish to go that route.  So have reinstalled lamp locally for my dev server, but will keep the turnkey appliances for testing

Many Thanks

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