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I have come upon a need for a 20-100 user radius server for a small business. They would prefer it to be in house so they can maintain it.

So I came here as you folks seem to have all the bases covered, with stand alone appliances.

I was hoping to find one, but...

"ZyXEL" has managed to include something of a Radius server in some of their line, but I don't need all that goes with it, though it might beat the price point of what I was thinking, below. 

What I'm really hoping for is to find one in say a small box like a small five port unmanaged switch. All it does is Radius, plugs into a LAN port, and is web managed.

So I guess it will take a mini fanless itx system, with an internal CF card or USB thumb drive and probably FreeRadius.  

It is an idea and if someone wants to take it and run with it, please do.

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I have no experience with it but they think they're pretty good! Have a look here.

The package freeradius is in the main lucid repository so is supported by Cannonical (meaning it will have security updates available and auto-applied by TKL) . It can easily be installed to any TKL appliance (but Core is probably the best option) with:

apt-get update && apt-get install freeradius

It'd be interesting to hear how it goes for you. Let us know because perhaps its an option for a future appliance?

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Will take a look at FreeRadius, and get back with you though it may take a bit.

Appreciate the thought of including it in an appliance. As there is so little available for small business. They need to protect their assets just like big companies. Usually what is available to them is from the expensive side of the house and most small businesses just do not have that kind of money.

Security just keeps needing to be increased. Particularly since WEP is useless, WPA is becoming less and less useful, MAC's really can't be used because of spoofing, the list just goes on.

I still think it would be neat to have a small box to plug into the LAN to do Radius.

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After speaking with the client for awhile and explaining the options they decided to go with the "ZyXEL NWA3160" Why? Two things, apparent ease of use and money. They are a Windows office, and this option fit in better with their needs.

Though I still want to try a mini itx setup for a RADIUS and other use server. I would like to run it on a dual core Atom. The reason for the Atom is the cost of running it 24/7.

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