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New Zimbra Appliance

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Wondering if there are any timelines on the new Zimbra Appliance?
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It'll be done when it's done...

The TKL devs prefer not to disapoint so tend to follow the Debian example of releasing 'when ready' rather than on a schedule. They currently have a todo list that seems to have stuff added faster than they can get through it so don't hold your breath. Having said that I know that they are currently working on part 2 of the v11.x release and IIRC they mentioned at one point that as the Zimbra appliance should have ideally been part of the part 1 release it is high on their build queue. So hopefully soon :)

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No news so far...

I know it has been awhile but I know the devs haven't just been sitting on their hands. From my understanding, they have been focusing their energy on a major rewrite of the back-end build infrastructure (which is the bootle-neck to releasing new appliances). AFAIK the plan is that once this has been resolved they can release new stuff much faster. This should include other builds too such as 64 bit and hopefully even other VM technologies such as OVZ and/or LXC. The downside of this approach is that other than some updates to the Hub, TKLBAM and some other AWS integration stuff (which I gather is/will be relevant to the new backend model) very little has happened as far as updated and new appliances.

The added complication with Zimbra is that recent builds require 64 bit base (which currently TKL doesn't have) so the updated Zimbra relies on 64 bit appliances to be produced. Hopefully we will see something not too far away. But seeing as we are only 6mths out from the next LTS (Ubuntu 12.04 - due April next year) perhaps rather than do the work twice they may just rebase the updated Zimbra on that?

And bottom line is that if having an updated Zimbra appliance is mission critical to you, then perhaps you can contact the core devs and sponsor it's production?

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How do we sponsor something?

I am sure I can find the info if I looked hard enough but if I wanted to sponsor a fix or get something done via the sponsored route - where do I go?

Chris Musty


Specialised Technologies

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There used to ba a page with details about that

But I can't seem to find it now. Perhaps it disappeared somewhere along the line (there have been a number of major website upgrades since I last saw it). Anyway, in the meantime I'd suggest that you contact either (or both) of the core devs. Their email addresses are firstname@turnkeylinux.org (Alon or Liraz).

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Talk to Adrian

Unfortunately, we can't accept any consulting/contract gigs because our plates are already way too full. We've been routing requests for this sort of thing to TurnKey community member Adrian Moya. Recommend you talk to him.

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Zimbra 7 / 8

Are there any plans for a Zimbra 7 / 8 appliance this year?

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I'm sure that there are

But I don't think it'll be anytime soon. As mentioned previously Zimbra now requires 64 bit, so until we see a 64 bit TKL Core released as a beta then it suspect it is quite a while away... Sad I know.

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RC 13

Here we are, a few years down the road and the Zimbra appliance seems to be forgotten. Now that Core 13 is in development, can we expect some work on Zimbra? Or any mail platform?

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Yes you are right...

The Zimbra appliance has fallen by the wayside. I'm not sure what state Zimbra is currently in, but asuming that it is alive and well then I expect we will see a revivied Zimbra server appear with, or soon after the v13 release.

Let's hope that we see some other mail platforms too. Not everyone needs all that Zimbra offers...

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