At 12000 volumes, calibre starts becoming difficult to manage. I began looking for alternatives for serving e-text and spotted MIDAS.

MIDAS is a collection of server, client, and stand-alone tools for data archiving, analysis, and access.

  • Hosts public and private collections of data
  • Handles massive collections and images
  • Manages image and non-image files and meta-data
  • Integrates BatchMake technology for server-side and stand-alone batch processing
  • Builds upon open source code and open standards

Midas plays well with Turnkey's LAMP stack. Build notes will be available below. Midas is a pro solution that fails where Calibre exceeds: scraping metadata. With Midas, manual entry of metadata is left to the archivist.

Installation is documented here; the full site is here. Midas' commitment to open source licenses is pitched here.

Here's a narrative account:

The Midas Platform is an open-source toolkit that enables the rapid creation of tailored, web-enabled data storage. Designed to meet the needs of advanced data-centric computing, Midas Platform addresses the growing challenge of large data by providing a flexible, intelligent data storage system. The system integrates multimedia server technology with other open-source data analysis and visualization tools to enable data-intensive applications that easily interface with existing workflows.

Midas Platform provides a variety of data access methods, including web, file system and DICOM server interfaces, and facilitates extending the methods in which data is stored to other relational and non-relational databases. Optimized for efficiently centralizing, indexing, and storing massive collections of data, Midas Platform provides the foundation for computational scientific research.


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