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There is "a lot" of info in the forums but I expect it is hard to find unless you are looking for it.  Why not have a series of "sub forums" that are oriented towards each different ap, and perhaps also have some "overall" forums for univerasal subjects, like how to use WebShell and Webmin.

I woiuld like to see a little more ap specific sets of threads...  folks often absorb by reading more on certain subjects.

My thoughts anyway in the form of a recomendation.

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But they are resistant to the idea because they want the forums to be 'simple to use'. It definately makes it easier to post (only 2 options) but I agree it makes it harder to find specific info you may be looking for. As for the wiki there is plenty of room for improvement there too, but they are editable by anyone logged in (or at least should be) so feel free to copy any info you think is worthy of keeping over to the wiki. Because it's a wiki you can't really do any harm - worst case scenario your content can be edited/deleted/etc.

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