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I have been trying to get my Turnkey Hub cloud servers exported to local VirtualBox machines lately (VERY difficult!), and I've spent a lot of time running "tklbam-restore $id" and... waiting.

After the backup process displays "Last Full Backup Date"... there isn't really a lot of information abotut what's going on. I can only assume some sort of data is being pulled in... but it's impossible to tell when there's no output. It's especially frustrating to have to basically watch the window indefinately to know when stuff is happening. What usually happens is I have to wait 30-40 minutes to see some sort of "SSLError can't continue" or some other issue. Why does it take this long to just show me an error message? I've tried turning down the volsize to 1mb and it's still taking FOREVER at this point of the import. It does eventually get past this and start the import process... but it's difficult to figure out how long this takes because I can't sit at my desk idly with a stopwatch waiting for output to change.

I assume at this point ("Last Full Backup Date") that tklbam-restore is downloading the individual voulumes from the last backup. What would be really great if there was some wget style display for each of the volumes that showed the progress of the individual volume download, as well as indicating which volume (i.e. now downloading volume 12 of 40) the process has reached.


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