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Hi all,

Just thought I would drop some praise regarding a recent "situation".

A client I have been testing turnkeys capabilities with has several unique requirements, none the least are for a mailing list that gets sent 2 times a week in the third week.

There is no day that the site drops below 100 unique visitors and when the email goes out it jumps to 1000. The micro server was chugging along ok and started to push 70-80% with some 90% CPU time - it was time to upgrade (in the dead of night). Who knows with 630Mb ram it was probably paging everything it could.

Suddenly for no reason it went to 100% and stayed there, today. Watching for 20 minutes it did not budge, pages were slow and SSH was impossible. Restarting did not help, something was wrong in a big way and today happens to be high traffic day - uh oh!

I decided to move to a larger server better known as "small" and quickly set about stopping the old and firing up the new from a backup.

Less than 10 minutes later I was up and running with a noticable speed increase and all this done during peak traffic. I am sure some people looked at a blank page or "cannot find server page" but when it relaunched I had more people actively clicking through pages than before the incident.

So hats off to TKL, who saved the day and made me feel special for fixing a catastrophic issue in 10 mins!

I have tested this for some months now and am having little hesitation to move everything in there. I am planning the migration as I speak! err type...


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