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I am a newbie in the area of KVM virtualization. Can anybody help how to connect to my KVM hypervisor from a remote machine without using LibVirt or any other third party library.  I have searched fro this but all teh results that i got was using libvirt or commands related to it. I am not allowed to use any third party library and need to take the backup of my KVM from remote machine.


Can anybody from the forum please help? Can you also tell me why a deamon is required in KVM when it is not required in VMware ESXI? 

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Once connected via SSH it's just like sitting at the machine terminal. All the normal KVM commandline tools are available and no third party libraries required...

As for the daemon question, I have no experience with ESXi (besides my brief testing of it prior to finding ProxmoxVE) and wasn't aware that it doesn't have a daemon. I would've thought that would be a bad thing!? A daemon is essentially a service that runs all the time and will (AFAIK) try to restart if something goes wrong and it crashes. I would think that that is what you want the core of a hypervisor to do. So I have no idea how ESXi would be able to provide a stable hypervisor layer without some sort of daemon. But then again I'm guessing that they employ plenty of people smarter than me! :)

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in VMware ESXi, there are many daemons. 

KVM is installed on top of an operating system (Ubuntu, Debian, SuSE, etc) and includes one/more pieces of software that start automatically and run in the background (daemons).

ESXi is a combination of an Operating System and the hypervisor. When you install ESXi, you are in fact laying down a new Operating System which includes all of the software needed to run virtualization (includng many daemons that make the system available all the time) .



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