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On my Laptop and a desktop both (XP) I am finding I need to go to Chrome to use Webshell.  I can't type a "-" (dash) on Firefox within the webshell.

Has anyone else had this issue?  Thoughts on how to rectify.  I hate running two browsers.

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Did it come good? Did you test clearing cache, cookies, etc? Have you tried it from any other machines (and/or OS)?

Personally I rarely ever use it (I much prefer to use SSH from Linux commandline, or PuTTY if from Windows) but on the odd occasion it can be handy. I've never noticed the issue on the odd occasion that I've used it, but not sure if it's just that I've been lucky (don't use XP anymore, don't use Webshell much, mostly use Chrome if I do...)

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I use Firefox for nearly everything.  Unfortunately I need to switch to Chrome if I want WebShell as most commands have dashes "-" in them.  Dashes do not project through from Firefox Webshell.  They do in Webmin so I think it is a problem in Webshell.

I will explore PuTTY.   The only time I am on the Command Line in Linux is when I am on the Console and I hate messing with that.

I would certainly like WebShell to work from either Browser.

thanks for the comment.


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I updated it last night with a bit more info for the TKL devs. And meant to post back here... Anyway it is a known upstream bug (in Shell-in-a-box/WebShell).

The current workarounds are to use the '-' key on the numpad (assuming you are using a full size keyboard) or use a different web browser...

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I am on a small laptop often, but I will keep the Num Pad in mind.  There is some sense in using Chrome for Shell work anyway.  I tend to have lots of Tabs open in Firefox but a short set in Chrome only.

Very cool, in Squeeze WebShell you can now actually Paste from Browser (which I couldn't do before)...  This is helpful for entering longer commands (and as I am often doing, copying from some how to into the shell)...  Could't do that w/ Lucid WebShell.  I'm yet to be a Putty guy.

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Part of the reason I used PuTTY instead of the WebShell is because you couldn't paste to the WebShell (although it sounds like you now can!). PuTTY is still pretty cool though I think, selecting text within PuTTY automatically copies it and right-click pastes whatever is in the clipboard.

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