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We are eager to shift our full focus to the upcoming TKL 13 release, but before we do that a maintenance release for TKL 12 is in order, aka. TKL 12.1.

The plan is to upgrade the base system, several core components, and fix reported bugs/issues. It is to be released in both 32bit and 64bit, supporting all build types - VMDK, OVF, OpenStack, OpenVZ, Xen and ofcourse Amazon EC2 S3-backed and EBS-backed in all regions (including Sydney), with support for larger instance sizes via 64bit.

But, we need your help. Jeremy (aka Jedmeister) has been doing an excellent job in Bug Triaging and updating the bug tracker, but he is only one guy, awesome if I may add. If bugs/issues aren't on the tracker, they won't be fixed. If there is insufficient information to reproduce the issues, they won't be fixed.

So, if you reported an issue on the forum, or have yet to, now is the time to update the bug tracker. If you come across issues on the forum that aren't yet in the tracker, please add them. Lets make 12.1 an awesome release and lay the groundwork for TKL 13.

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So your gonna make also a 64bit version of 12.1 available, cool....

Well I didn't expect a 12.1 version after the 13.0RC announcement.

No bugs for me, but I only use core, lamp and revision control

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You said 64 bit and Sydney!

Pass me some bugs and I will check them out.

I am guessing we can do this from bugtracker?

I will take a look.

Timeframe for release? ie how long do we have to test bugs...

Chris Musty


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