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Hi!  I am new to TKL but I have chosen it for a university term paper. I have a couple of doubts.

1)How is TKL raising money? I hope they are doing fine cause this is the best linux distro idea I have seen.

2)Could you provide me with examples of well know web site or companies using TKL?

3)Can I customize the control panel home page to include my organization logo?

Thanks in advance!

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I can't answer your questions definatively but I think I can give you some answer to questions 1 & 3, as for 2 Sorry I have no idea...

1) The main source of TKL revenue AFAIK is via the Turnkey Hub, specifically the AWS servers that you can launch from it. The core devs charge a modest monthly fee to use EBS backed instances, or a 15% premium when using S3 backed instances. They also offer S3 backed backups but they don't charge a premium for that (you just pay AWS charges) and it actually costs them money last I heard. The core devs have considered using ads to support the costs of running the site but they have resisted.

3) You can do whatever you like to the home page, or any other page! They are complete free open source software and as such you can hack away to your hearts content. Assuming you are talking about the web home page (on the LAMP appliance or similar) then it is just a case of tweaking the html to do what you want.

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