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pypy is a just in time compile version of Python and it is much faster than Python. I've searched both AWS and TKL sites and there are no references to pypy. Is there a way to use pypy with TKL WEb2PY?

Thanks, James

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OK, It looks like all I need to do is create a "patch" for installing pypy into Debian Squeeze.

~James Cunningham~

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Yep a patch would be great (because then you can easily share with others) but you don't need to go that way. If it's just a 'one off' then you could just install it...

I have no experience with Pypy but according to this it's compatible.

The only issue you may have is that I would imagine that Python is a dependency of Web2Py so you may have to install Python anyway (or force it to install without dependencies).

Also from my reading, whilst Ppy is faster when benchmarked, it may not be that much faster in real world application... But I've never used it so YMMV. I'd be interested to hear how you go with it!

Good luck! :)

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