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To whom this may concern,

I R Suck at Linux


I'd love to get a Turnkey Linux Appliance with Observium and Icinga installed and working, but after kind of working at it for the better part of the work day, and after work, I'm surrendering to my lack of knowledge in the Linux area.

I know a couple of years ago there was an Icinga TKLPatch, and more recently there was/is a TKLPatch for Observium, but I cant get either of them to work -- I suspect the Icinga one is due to TKL using Ubuntu in the past and being an exceptionally old script, but I'm not so sure about why Observium isnt working so well.

If someone is willing to create a TKLPatch, or an Appliance that includes functional out-of-the-box implementations of Observium and Icinga, I'm willing to fork over some cash for your effort -- I dont know what this is worth, so please make some suggestions, and if I see an offer that interests me, I am willing to pay 70% up front, and 30% held back through a moderator for the successful conclusion of the work.

Please let me know.


~ Jeremy


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