Hello there, VtigerCRM 6 beta has been out for a while.  Any chance you guys can make a beta applience out of it for testing purposes?

That would be awsome.


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As a general rule TKL doesn't release appliances containing software in beta. If it was stable then it would be a no brainer (as the current version of vTiger is not compatible with Debian 7 which will be the base of TKL v13.x).

But TKL is designed to be community friendly in that regard and if you are Linux savy then you could consider devloping it youself (or encourage someone else to). Even if you're not up to the task yourself then perhaps someone form the vTiger community might be interested in taking up the challenge?

Here are some links that may be of interest?:


OK, here's what I'm thinking: start with LAMP stack 12.1 and then follow the instructions here:


The requirements for vtiger 6 are here:


I understand this will not result in an TurnKey Linux appliance package but at least I can start testing.


Any thoughts?

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Sounds like a plan to me! :)

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