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This seemed pertinent to TKL Installs.  Not sure if it passes through to the Hub, but if so, that would be helpful.  Read on...

It has been a while since I looked seriously at running Amazon Instances for very long.  This is driven by my perception that any performance level instance is too expensive.  The Amazon reserved instances were always interesting but they definitly locked you in.

I read here that you can now do "hot swaps" of capacity in your "reserved instance bank".



With Friday's free upgrade, Amazon Web Services users can now shuffle their instances, swapping out, say, an m1.large instance for four m1.small ones, and vice versa, and paying the same price.

"With today's launch you can take advantage of the pricing and capacity benefits of Reserved Instances even as you change from one EC2 instance type to another," the company wrote.

One can only shuffle within groups of instances, which are put together according to platform, type, region, tenancy, offering type, and end date. This means a particularly diverse spread of reserved instances will still be difficult to swap out for others, bur fairly homogeneous stacks should get more flexibility.

Admins should bear in mind that they cannot cancel or change a pending modification request after they've submitted it, according to an AWS FAQ.

This upgrade follows a deep price cut to the reserve instances technology in March, which saw prices fall for some instances by as much as 27.7 per cent. ®


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