For now I send several questinons without any answer. Sorry, for that kind of superkomplex questions.

I run several PSQL Instances on AWS(EC2). During some R&D, I came across turnkey.

I canceled several TurnKey-instances because there was no option to access the turnkey postgres solution via a “normal“ way. My Definiton of „normal“:

Access via SSH-Key with pgAdmin, Navicat-Premium, PG Commander.

All of mine AWS-Instances are accessible. But with turn-key nothing works all approaches for acces via PG Commander, pgAdmin sucks.

Where is the setup-difference of a "normal" Postgres, running on EC2 and a the Postgres from turnkey.

 "Normal" EC2 are accesible turnkey-psql are not. 

Acces via SSH is possible, but pgAdmin, Navicat-Premium, PG Commander fails with Turnkey-Solutions.


It´s the same setup.


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I personally don't use PostgreSQL appliance (nor any other standalone DB product) but the TKL PostgreSQL appliance has phpPgAdmin built in FWIW

AFAIK the standalone appliance should allow remote connections OOTB (on the default port) which I would assume would allow whatever remote DB admin client you desire, but perhaps not... 

I'll download a VM and have a quick look when I get a chance...

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