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Hi everyone,

I hope all is well in your part of the world.  I see that there's been a little too-and-fro in the area of business software.  I have at the moment needed to identify an open source business package for someone with a limited (start-up) budget. 

Just to establish my background, I have worked on enterprise business and ERP systems as well as a few encounters with the commercial packages like Navision, etc.  I also have business qualifications as well as computer science.  The 'client' I'm advising is important to me so I set the bar fairly high. 

I'm writing because I saw some references to an TKL ERP system but that one is no longer supported.  I can't find anything on the: Preedom ERP in the user-space so for now it remains a curiosity.  The vague criteria I established below:

  1. PostgreSQL (for expansion and maintanability)
  2. Commercial use for business purposes (by non-programmers, accountant types)
  3. Well documented
  4. Separate application from data (app server and db server)
  5. Liberal FOSS especially for commercial / business use.

In the whole net I came up with just 2 that seem OK and a few others that could be used "with work".   I'm decided:

Is the best fit.  Afork from the Compiere ERP project, was a very robust application.

The most important thing is that the ethos is a "shared community commons" arrangement.  Essentially a lack of commercial lock-out.  As well other are allowed to provide plugin extension(s) on a commercial basis. 

These guys have an appliance VM but I'd like to see options for a TKL package that gives everyone a shared environment.  Espeically since one can separate  adempiere application from its database, so you could use the TKL postgres or mysql options as you like.

I wasn't sure how people select software for TKL.  I think  the core TK-concept is a vital link in maturing the open source arena.  For example my 'client' wants to offer better business models that replace exploitive labour policies.  There are economies of scale in industries of that kind.  Robust Open Source alternatives lower the barriers to entry and create a space for honest brokers to enter the market and compete on a more level playing field.

That said, I'm interested in getting a conversation going on what business software people recommend for virtual appliances.  Take a look at adempiere.  If you can recommend a better solution, I win, my client wins.

Moreover; in my searching I identified several gaps in the FOSS space that can make life practical for someone wanting to establish more equitable practices in their industry.  Time sheets and payroll being the first.  QA metrics, data access and reporting, project quoting, project costing/tracking, fair Trade Auditing and accredication, etc.

Once you have a basis ERP, MRP, planning platform in place -- More things become possible.  And a conversation must begin.  Let's begin here.  Have a great weekend.

Kind regards,



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