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I am working on my ZurmoCRM porting project. I spend a lot of time to look for where are these configuration, executable, modules, log, and etc. They're different from my experience with OpenSuSE and Ubuntu.

To save my time, I made a lit of TurnKey Linux Configuration and Executable Files and will maintain them there.

Wish it could save your time looking for files!

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Not sure if you are aware but most (if not all??) executables can be found by typing "which" plus the command name in a terminal/console window.

Example to find where ssh is launching from:


macncheese:~ snickasaurus$ which ssh


If you already knew this I honestly don't mean to insult your intellegence!! Just trying to help!


As for the configs I've found that viewing TKL's Git page and reading through can assist in figuring out where things are kept and what other files they rely on.

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Dear Snickasaurus,

Thank you for your reply.

which is very useful to find executable files. When I was working on QTS, an embedded Linux from QNAP, I do confused which php interpreter I am using after installing another php by ipkg. It did help me to identify quickly.

I create the post to help me find files and folders more quickly because I am working on 5 different Linux. Files are stored in different place among them.

I love to see your sharing even it might be something I already know. People who read the thread might found them helpful from your reply.

Again, thank you very much! And I welcome everybody to reply my threads!

Have a nice day!

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