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Turnkey File server has support for UPS  (APC Smart ups 700) ?

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TBH I have no idea... Most serious PSUs though will support Linux generally but I can't be 100% sure. A quick google suggests that it should work but I guess 'the proof would be in the pudding' (so to speak). Google threw up lots of links worth checking but the short of it was that it seems that the Debian package 'apcupsd' is the one you want. Also this link stood out as particularly useful as it includes instructions on how to get it going...

To be 100% certain unfortunately the only way around it is to have a go. My suspicion is that once you have it installed and configured it should work fine...!

Feel free to post back letting us know how you go. Someone else might benefit from the knowledge! :)

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I installed apcupsd and it worked. Was going to try installing the web GUI package apcupsd-cgi for it, but I see it is a module for Webmin, which is a web GUI for your entire linux box. It seem to duplicate a lot of the things that Turnkey does but a more generalized. Do you think I would have any kind of conflict between Webmin and my Turnkey web GUI? I am not too familiar with Webmin, having only encountered it an hour ago LOL. I do have a second, non mission critical, Turnkey server I could test it on, but I thought I would ask first, if anyone has tried this. Thanks :-) 

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DUH, just realized that Turnkey is actually using Webmin LOL. So all I need to do is add and configure the apcupsd-cgi module as shown here, 

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