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I want to know to prepare the server and program development in order to become a server sends millions of emails at the same time a product to customers ?


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I think that phpList may be what you are after. However keep in mind that if you aren't careful (and perhaps even if you are), your server may be blacklisted for sending spam. If you are using TurnKey via the Hub a helpful doc written by another TurnKey user about configuring your server may be useful!? If your server is hosted elsewhere something similar probably applies, but you'll need to work that out yourself...

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Ideally it should have "just worked" so that probably should be better documented in the short term. We should also look a bit closer at automating that for our next release.

Also as somewhat of an aside, for super reliable email sending we suggest that you configure your server to use a remote SMTP relay service for sending emails.

PS so this doesn't fall through the cracks, I added an issue to our tracker.

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