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Are there any plans to add this Region to the Hub in the near future?

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Ideally we hope to add all the currently unsupported regions ASAP. However we need to do some backend upgrades to the Hub before we can add them. This means that whilst we will add them ASAP, it won't be as soon as we would ideally like and we have no ETA.
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Your feedback certainly assists us to prioritise what we need to focus on.

If we were able to just "flip a switch" we'd do it instantly. Unfortunately it will require a bit of work on the Hub's backend to be able to support the newer regions. I really hope that we can schedule that work soon, but to reduce the chances of my optimistic guesses causing disappointment, I can't give a clear (or even a rough) ETA sorry. The best I can say is ASAP. When that will be, I don't know.

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