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As a long-time (and grateful) TKL user, I was wondering if the developers have published a road-map of planned releases? The current iteration of appliances based on Debian Jessie are getting long in the tooth.


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TBH we haven't published a roadmap anywhere. That's why you haven't found one... :)

FYI I have just started working on a new release which will be v14.2. It will still be Jessie based, some of the third party apps will be updated but probably not all. If you have a look at the v14.2 milestone (top milestone on this page) you can see that there are still 102 open issues so it will probably take a little while to get it ready for release.

If you would like to help out, you would be warmly welcomed! Let me know and I'll happily put you to work! :) Even if you aren't that familiar with building appliances, you could still help out with testing. Perhaps if you have specific appliance(s) that you use, you could assist to update and/or improve it/them?

Ideally we're hoping to also provide support for releasing future "sub" versions of appliances so we can individually release updated appliances in the future. Currently all our infrastructure assumes that all appliances are the same version which makes releasing individual updates a bit of a pain and we generally avoid it unless appliances have critical security issues or "showstopper" bugs.

Debian Stretch AKA 9.0 is still currently in development; ETA late-Q1/early-Q2 2017. Once that is released as stable, then we will do a new release (v15.0) based on that. Whether that will be a "normal" TKL release (i.e. monolithic appliance) or the new "TKLX" containerized model (or perhaps even both) we aren't yet sure...

Hope that answers your question!

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