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Can I install any debian package in TurnKey?  Or only the apps listed on this site.


I want to use Turnkey for the out of the box fileserver capabilites but also install things like Plex, Sabnzbd, Unifi Controller etc.


I'm basically trying to replace my two old applications servers and my acient Qnap with an all-in-one box solution.  I was looking at FreeNas but it's BSD based and the app support isn't as strong as Debian Linux.  I've built all-in-one solutions before using Ubuntu Server, but I like having the graphical web-based configuarion that something like TurnKey or FreeNas provide.




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Nevermind, I dug around the site and got my answer here:

Looks like i'm going to give TurnKey a try.  I'm excited, wish me luck!

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Good luck!! :)

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