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Greeting TKL folks, 

been while since I last posted here or on GitHub due to very crazy work schedule this year!
I hope come November things go back to "normal" and I have more time to work on TKL stuff!

Anyway, we currently use a 3rd party company to scan and store our home documents. It has
worked out ok the last few years, however they are going to an all on-line service and 
dropping the desktop version of the software in favor of online application.

I was looking through the apps list and did not see any eDMS/DMS systems in the library.
Are there any good still open source ones out there? If I find one that looks good and will
do what I need it to do, I was going to build it on top of TKL LAMP/LAPP, it could end up
as a TKLDev build code on GitHub if you catch my drift :-) (I would submit it for inclusion 
to the library)

Thank you!

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We have Mayan-EDMS in the library!

TBH, I haven't used it extensively myself, but from my brief look it looks like a good thing. I have heard back from a few users and they all seem happy.

FWIW, it's a Python app and can be a bit resource intensive, but seems to run pretty nice so long as it has enough RAM. It will run on 512MB RAM, but only just and is likely to crash. I would recommend 1GB min; 2GB would be better.

Give it a go and let us know what you think.

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