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I'm trying or a VPN for the first time at home. Yeah I'm a little behind. I found a free service and downloaded their client software on my windows 7 pc, turned it on and it found a server somewhere. Immediately I noticed that in my networks part of the control panel, a network 3 suddenly appeared, but I assume this is normal?

Anyway things were working fine for about 15 minutes, so I went upstairs and turned on my smart tv and another laptop. Within a few minutes though, I found that my smart tv wouldn't stream, and my laptop and phone said no wifi.

After a couple minutes everything connected again, but the disconnects kept happening every 10 minutes or so.

I assumed that setting up a vpn on my pc would have that network only be used on that pc. Is everything on my wifi going to try to use that vpn somehow? Is there a way to have only the one device use the vpn and everything else use my normal connection? If my other devices are not using the vpn, why is everything dropping now?


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