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Is anyone else having to reset their account password each time they try to log into the turnkey site?

Sorta makes it hard to do anything :(


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Personally, I never log out (and have a "persistent session") so never need to log in. I'm guessing you don't use that feature (which of course is fine)? If you're not using it and are open to it, that may be a workaround?

Regardless, you shouldn't need to reset your password every time you log in! That doesn't sound right at all! I wonder what is going on there? I have applied a few updates recently, plus there are a few intermittent bugs on the site that I hope to get fixed soon.

We are planning to do some maintenance on the website soon. I'll ask the guy that is having a look at our site, to consider what might be causing that and see if he has any ideas.

Having said that, no one else has reported that and I haven't experienced it myself. Perhaps there is something weird going on on your end? Out of interest, do you use some sort of tool to store your passwords? Or do you just remember them (or write them down, etc)? If you use a password manager of some sort, that would certainly suggest that it is something with the website, rather than on your end.

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