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I'm going to be installing a VPS Ubuntu 8.0.4 with VM on WinServer08 64-bit.

I'm wondering if this current LAMP appliance supports 64-bit, or if I'd have to start from scratch and install from the amd-64 (ubuntu-8.04.2-server-amd64.iso) to get 64-bit support.

Also, would there be much of a speed difference? I don't really have anthing to compare it to, but for the job, 32-bit would probably be just fine. But since I'm on a 64-bit OS, just wondered.


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We don't yet offer 64-bit versions of our appliances, though that's something we're slating for an upcoming release. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile you can easily run a 32-bit appliance on top of a 64-bit bit host. I do that all the time.

The main benefit of a 64-bit system is easy access to large amounts of RAM (over 4GB) or very large files. This is important for large databases and such. The downside is 64-bit system is usually less memory efficient, because 64-bit pointers take up twice as much space as 32-bit pointers. If you have tons of memory anyhow that probably doesn't really make much of a difference for you.

For most purposes a 32-bit appliance will do just fine. It just won't scale efficiently beyond 4GB RAM.

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Ok, I am getting to the point where I am ready to throw in the towel with this.. All I want to do is get xamp running on linux.. I have read somewhere that I need some extra libs something about ib32-glibc... However, whenever I try to find out information on how to install this, its always half-ass.. It doesn't say where to get the file from (and I have search googled for ages already) and it doesnt tell me where to install in the lamp package.. Any help would be appreciated.. I can't stand it when people write "help" articles with the assumption that you know what they are talking about when say "install lib32-glibc" (ok.. but where from and how!!) !! How are beginners supposed to learn!!


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I don't know anything about the specific problem you are trying to solve, but I do know a bit about researching which packages are available. When I need to find a package I use either the Ubuntu package search web site, or apt-cache on the command line:

For example:

apt-cache search lib32

That searches through package names and descriptions.

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