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 Hello there, I hope someone has an answer for my question....

First of all I am a newbie so please show some undestanding... :P

I downloaded and installed the Turnkey Wordpress Appliance.

All went well and I was able to build my site...

but now I want to publish it and upload it to a hosting service.

How am I going to do that????? How am I going to get the site I spent a week building out of there so that I can upload it later on?

PLEASE..... I know my question sounds dum to some of you, but as I said I am a newbie.... 

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Very good question, and a timely one too.

We've partnered up with hosting providers to allow deployment of TurnKey Linux appliances directly into "the cloud" and have already worked out all the major issues. It just needs a bit more testing to be fully cooked. Should have something to announce any day now. Stay tuned!

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We've made an announcement today regarding the first cloud hosting service for TurnKey Linux appliances. Cheers.
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I have to admin that 's VERY interesting..... I mean REALLY interesting. BUT... the price of any other hosting service is almost 60-80% cheaper than the one you just suggested.... The people that use turnkey solutions are people seeking cost-effective solutions and quite frankly, this is not one of them. Trust me when I say that I would be the first to sign up for a solution that would be more... reasonable than this. I am sure other people will!! Since this is not a one-time-cost but a monthly one, most of the people using Turnkey will prefer using a much cheaper service and build their site from scratch, just because we all want our sites to last for years and years to come and maintaining this will not be cost-effective. I realize that this deal you are offering is the BEST there is when it comes to quality and safety. unfortunately... not suitable for me though, and I am afraid to other people too.... :(
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VPS.NET's pricing is very competitive for an offering in it's class so I think you may be comparing the pricing of VPS.NET's Xen based cloud hosting with OpenVZ/Virtuozzo VPS or shared hosting. If so it's really not a fair comparison, and I challenge you to find a comparable cloud server offering that can stay in business at 60-80% lower pricing.

We used to host this web site on an OpenVZ VPS and that was not an experience I would like to repeat. The temptation to oversell seems to overpower even the most reputable providers. Also memory is accounted for differently and there's no support for swap so a 256MB OpenVZ VPS is comparable to a 128MB Xen VPS. Bottom line having used both myself there's no doubt in my mind end-users can squeeze more value out of Xen than OpenVZ.

Compared with shared hosting, Xen virtualization provides much stronger security isolation and greater control for the end user (e.g., root). Your share of system resources are guaranteed. A multi-tenant environment is certainly more resource efficient and you can oversell it so it costs less but with Moore's law in effect the price for a virtual server have gone down so much that the extra costs are trivial in comparison with the advantages. At least in my opinion.

Bottom line we value our reputation and relationship with our users more than any kind of short-term financial support from one sponsor or another, so when we recommend something it's because we believe it's a genuinely good service.

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I believe the solution you are suggesting is actually the best there is when it comes to quality and to be honest, now that you mentioned overselling it I 'll think it over... as will others. What can I say.... I am absolutely certain what you are proposing is the hottest deal when it comes to security, speed, quality and robustness. It's just that some people wish there was a "magic button" on your appliances that said "publish" on it. Yeah, I know.... utopic, right? and one more thing.... reading this reply made me respect your company even more. loyalty to clients and the services you provide are hard to find these days. and to top that.... you are THE ONLY COMPANY to reply one of my post so fast not once... but twice!!!! Thank you....
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Thanks. I usually wouldn't respond quickly on a Friday night, but I happened to be on line (slow weekend). I agree a magic publish button would be nice. If anyone comes up with an open source solution that does what you suggest well I think it will be a good idea to include it in future versions of TurnKey Linux appliances.

The main technical problem is there are no standardized interfaces that would allow an appliance to access your shared hosting account and synchronize your MySQL databases (for example). Each shared hosting provider does this a little bit differently so user involvement is going to be required. Even then code you can't guarantee that code (e.g., PHP) that works on an appliance would work on your shared hosting provider because it's probably running a different software stack.

OTOH, it should be possible in the future to migrate appliances from your local computer to the cloud, and in between different cloud providers, but that's only possible because virtualization hypervisors support common standards and we would be in full control of the software stack on both ends.

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