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Using the LAMP Turnkey Linux ISO, I've installed an app on it to make a custom appliance.  My app does not have a clean package or installer, it was essentially a tar followed by a bunch of (interactive) SQL scripts. 

I was wondering how I can reset the "run on 1st boot" script (or a modified version) to let the user rebuild openssh keys and set a root password.



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Firstly, I'm glad to see that you have taken the initiative to create a custom appliance. You can find more details on appliance development on the development page,

TurnKey appliances don't use "run on first boot" scripts, but rather the live installer (di-live) takes care of those issues. Take a look at /usr/lib/live-installer.d and /usr/lib/di-live.d/.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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I looked at your wiki, remastering an ISO is a bit too involved.  I built a VMware appliance and posted it for download.

It's an appliance based on Active Agenda, an Open Source operational risk management platform application, with some extensions particular to healthcare that I've developed.

If you're interested in making a Turnkey Linux ISO for this product, I have the documentation on how I built the app on top of your LAMP project.  

Active Agenda's weakness is there hasn't been a packaged release in quite some time, so there's an involved process of tar files and installation php scripts, and mysql scripts.

Thanks for your work on the Turnkey Linux project!  This has been an amazing timesaver and is just what's been needed for quite a while.



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Thanks! Building TurnKey Linux based virtual appliances and documenting the integration process makes building new appliances much easier.

And yes, it would definitely be useful if you could post the integration details to the development wiki.

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