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I was hoping to get help with a Turnkey MediaWiki install.  I was able to get it running over the network in VirtualBox and it is accessible from multiple computers at the IP address it was assigned.  I have been reading the Apache documentation, but am still too new to all of this to really know what I am doing.

My goal is to change the web address MediaWiki is accessed from to something like "" rather than just use the IP address.  I also want to maintain the Wiki's integrity and file links if the IP address changes, such as if networking equipment changes or I move the Virtual Machine to another computer.  It is being deployed on a small business intranet.

Can anyone provide the exact steps to make these modifications to a Turnkey MediaWiki VM?  I have a very basic understanding of how to navigate through Webmin.

I greatly appreciate the help.

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You are referring to DNS.

On the internet, the way you do this is by buying a domain name (eg. and creating a record pointing the domain name (eg. to the IP address of the appliance, which is usually a static IP.

If you want to confine the appliance to the intranet, you can setup the DNS record locally on your internal DNS server, making sure that your client machines use it as their nameserver.  Another option is to configure the domain name to statically map to the appliance IP on each and every machine in their hosts file (this is simple to do, but not scalable at all and potentially a maintenance nightmare).

The appliance is setup to serve the default mediawiki installation no matter what the domain name is.


Not related, but FYI, it is possible to setup apache to serve virtualhosts, which basically means that the same web server will serve different domains different "websites". This is not what you want, but you referred to it.

Good luck!


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