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How to use bazaar and git on trac appliance? I cannot commit to repos.

1) Bazaar

Windows Bazaar explorer even can't download from bzr://my-addr/bzr or bzr://my-addr/bzr/helloworld. It simply hangs.

I logged into appliance and did:
 # bzr init

# bzr pull bzr://localhost/bzr/helloworld

It works, I see sample files in my directory.  I followed "Centralized Workflow Tutorial" and decided to create central repository "repo1"

# bzr init-repo --no-trees bzr://localhost/bzr/repo1

ERROR: Transport operation not possible: readonly transport

I created a user "user1" and tried:

 # bzr init-repo --no-trees bzr://user1:password@localhost/bzr/repo1

ERROR: Transport operation not possible: readonly transport

What I did wrong? I read more tutorials and tried a lot of things - no success. Is there a working tutorial how to start with this tool? I have 10 years of experience with VSS and TFS and now I have killed 5 hours for this "new simple SCM". If you give basic examples how to login to Bazaar and create repo, it would be just fantastic help for all "stupid windows programmers" 8))

2) GIT. GIT-Extensions can download from repo git://my-addr/git/helloworld, but can't do "pull". Error is "The remote end hang up unexpectedly".

3) SVN. Looks like almost work. TortoiseSVN can download repo svn://my-addr/svn/helloworld, but commit dialog says "Authorization failed". I googled and it looks like svn server should ask client for password, but it doesn't. 

I think they all - bzr, git and svn have autorization problems. Basically, I can't use the appliance w/o your help, guys...   

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Firstly, thanks for bringing up this issue. I have just tested cloning and pushing to the git helloworld repository, but a tutorial is indeed needed. Not only exemplary VC usage, but also how to setup Trac accordingly. Plus, writing a tutorial would pin-point any bugs. In the meantime:

On the server:

Configure the repository to allow upload:

cat >>/srv/repos/git/helloworld/.git/config<<EOF
        uploadpack = true
        uploadarchive = true
        receivepack = true


On the client:

Clone the remote repository:

git-clone git://

Make a change, and push it to the remote repository on the server:

echo "test" >> README
git-commit -a -m "test commit"

Counting objects: 5, done.
Compressing objects: 100% (3/3), done.
Writing objects: 100% (3/3), 336 bytes, done.
Total 3 (delta 0), reused 0 (delta 0)
To git://
   314bebf..96ee380  master -> master
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I have created a helper script (trac-initproject) and usage notes on how to create and access projects (git, bazaar, mercurial, subversion). See Trac documentation

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I found that also in the revision control appliance you cannot access the repositories (personally I tried only the svn one) if you don't chown it to www-data:www-data recursively after creating one.

The script you mention is working for trac, why not making one also for revision control?


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Hi there,

I am having the same or similar problem.

I can connect to the svn-repository via TortoiseSVN. But when I try to commit changed data it says:

Command: Commit  
Error: Commit failed (details follow):  
Error: Authorization failed  

When I open the repository with SVN-RepoBrowser, I can see the whole repo. But when I try to add a new folder it says: "Authorization failed"

So, how do I checkout and commit with the TRAC appliance?


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Hi guys,

same problem here. Can browse the repository but cannot commit anything. I have spent few hours try to reconfigure SVN to overcome this problem, but with no luck. The configuration seems ok. Someone have some suggestions?


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