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I have this problem. I have a windoes PC with a public IP address, I want to use Turnkey LAMP in a virtual box inside the windows. I want to be able to publish websites inside the LAMP so they can be acessible from the internet. What king of networking I have to setup so this wold be possible? I tryed NAT but it doesnt work... I have MAC pc on witch I am tasting the configuration and I tink to move the ready virtual machine to the windows box.

Any advice wold be aprisiated.

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You will need to port forward and AFAIK NAT is the only option (although perhaps others will prove me wrong).

When you say NAT didn't work, I'm assuming you used VirtualBox's builtin NAT using instructions such as these or these?

I suggest you have a look at the official VirtualBox NAT documentation. If you still cannot get it working, I would suggest posting on the VirtualBox forums. And if all else fails, log a bug on the VirtualBox bugtracker.

Good luck!

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