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I've been trying to mount a shared folder in the Turnkey LAMP stack (version 2009.10 in Virtual Box via WinXP host).  I'm somewhat inexperienced in Linux, and have not been able to get the shared folder mounted.  I get the part about creating the shared folder in the gui dialog, but not the mounting part. 

If I want to mount C:\htdocs as a shared folder to /var/www/dev (which I have created), and have the share created via the Shared Folder dialog, what is the command for mounting this folder?  The help files give this:
mount -t vboxsf [-o OPTIONS] sharename mountpoint
which is somewhat helpful, but my edits don't work.  How would I edit this command to mount the shared folder?

Also, I may be missing something about the VirtualBox Guest Additions.  Are the Guest Additions already installed in the LAMP stack, or need they be installed individually from the stack?



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I had a bit of a play with it some time ago and didn't have any joy either. TBH I think setting up Samba shares is an easier solution to acheive the same ends.

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