No GUI for Drupal???

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I downloaded the VMWARE file for the Drupal Appliance. After which I got VMWare Player and loaded the file. Now I get this command prompt interface that i know nothing about. I thought there was a GUI. Please help me clear up this confusion. 

Thank you.

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so you will need to use your web browser to access it. If you wish to use the CLI (command line interface) you can use that command prompt, otherwise, its not going to be very useful for you!

I haven't used the Drupal appliance so I'm not 100% sure how you access it, but my guess would be to try accessing the web gui by simply typing the IP address of your appliance in the address bar of your web browser. Webmin (a web based GUI) is an extremely powerful config tool and will allow you to adjust lots of stuff, it's also accessed via your web browser using port 12321 eg phpMyAdmin is also there and can be found on port 12322 (use https as they both use a SSL connection).

Now just before you close the VMware Player appliance window - if you are unsure of the IP of your appliance then you can find out/set it via the confconsole. At the commandline simply type the follwoing command:


it should be pretty straight forward.

Good luck!

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I just tried it using one of my VPS accounts.

After installing the appliance and setting up the interface, it gave me a text screen with a login prompt.  I logged in as root and typed confconsole.  It gave me these urls:

Web: http://serverIP
Web shell: https://serverIP:12320
Webmin: https://serverIP:12321
PhpMyAdmin https://serverIP:12322
SSH/SFTP: root@serverIP (Port 22)

Another way to get your IP is to type: ifconfig
That will list all your configured interfaces.

If you visit the appliance root page using a browser, it should give you a Drupal installation screen.  I used https://serverIP so the connection would be secure.

Hopefully, this will help.


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Thank you for the quick response. Correct me if I am wrong, entering  confconsole and later https://serverIP in the command prompt after logging in will lead me to a GUI...


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I'm very sorry for the mistake I made. I had assumed that the drupal installation and all other factors would be in the VMWare(I'm quite new to this, basically a noob). Now I tried the IP in the browser and it works awesome... Thank you very much.


Just one more question how do I create NAME servers to add a domain to this site and how will others be able to access my site without one? I've used hosts with cPanel where its really easy to do this... Once again I'm sorry if these questions are too basic. Looking forward to your response. Thanks

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The only way to access your appliance without using a nameserver would be to use its IP address.

I do not believe the Drupal appliance has a name server installed on it.
You can install one manually if you like.

You are right that cPanel comes with a name server built-in, but it does not have Drupal pre-installed on it. TKL appliance is a separate project from cPanel so it does not have the same features.

The registrar where you bought your domain might give you access to name servers or the hosting company where you are hosting your appliance might give that to you.

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 thanks for the info, about the hosting I'll ask the others involved and get back to you in a day or two.

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 How do you set a password for root?

 I found the option to change it

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