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I am running an internal Web site with Turnkey Drupal version 6.10 on VMware for a while and it works well. Last November, I download the new release of Turnkey Drupal version 6.14 (Oct09) and started to get stability problem. It works for a day or so and then become unaccessible, getting the following error message on my VMware console: "Out of memory: Kill process 4492 (Apache2) score 182278 or a child".

Did anybody experience the same problem yet? I investigated little more and tried running a brand new download of the appliance and running it as is by just installing the bare english version of Drupal and not enabling or loading any additional module and let it runs for couple days. I got the same error with the appliance without having added even any content. The problem seems to be part of the new appliance.

After searching through this forum, I found that others experienced the same type of error with Turnkey Joomla 2009 and Turnkey Mediawiki 2009.

Is this a known problem and is there a known solution to it?


Thanks for your help...


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