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LAMP Virtual Host issues (Solved)

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Whenever I create a new virtual host, either through Webmin or through the enabled dir directly I get the error: The requested URL / was not found on this server.

Not sure what the issue could be?

Any ideas? or is there a document that walks through setting up a virtual host? Maybe I'm missing something.

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Apache doc

Here is a link to the apache doc on virtual hosts:


It is always a bit tricky to get set up right.  Maybe post your apache conf file.

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Thanks for the link. I had

Thanks for the link. I had the meaning of Address and Server Name backwards. I changed address to Any for both sites and changed the server name to appropriate domain. Working now! Doh! lol


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Glad you worked it out

Im glad you find the link useful and you worked it out.  Have fun!

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