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Hello all

The Revision Control Appliance is confusing me... am I wrong to expect some kind of repository to be there out of the box? After all, the Configuration Console gives me a url of "svn://<my ip>/svn" but when I try to access that from TortoiseSVN I'm told that there's no repository at that location. The appliance is running under VMWare Workstation on my laptop.

Given that I'm new to SVN and new to Linux, I'm trying to learn by doing but can't seem to actually "do" anything here... my goal is to set up SVN on a linux box and be able to check in/out code from other linux and windows boxes. I do not have a directory structure of code on the linux box to start with, I expect that I can create project and working folders post-installation and add code (files) as I go.

Thanks in advance for any help/advice/emotional support!

- Russell


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