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Has anyone tried adding Spree to the ruby on rails app? I have been trying and get several erros/ 1) the rack gem version is 1.0.0 not > 1.0.1, 2) the Phusion Passenger is giving an error


 Just tried to update rack says it updated but still get the same error on version.

Just found an issue re the rack version number and rails check out link
Update 03-11-2010, There is a password error with Myswl when trying to Rake db:migrate the Spree DB, it seems to be the password hash error


. I can log in to Mysql directly, >Mysql -u root -p

and enter a the password but rake doesn;t work. I install Sqlite3 and by uninstalling old versions of some gems like rack (gem uninstall rack -v 1.0.0) was able to get Spree up and running but performance is bad! And unlike the demo site on Spree site. My guess is the Sqlite3 performance is an issue, any ideas?

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