TurnKey Linux Virtual Appliance Library

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Support?

Just wondering what is the timeline for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS support for the VM's?  If they are just around the corner...

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Next step: upload betas to sourceforge for community testing

Now that Lucid 10.04 is out we've started the process of rebuilding the library on top of it. Pushing out a new release is a major undertaking and how long that will take depends on what gotchas we'll run into. If everything goes smoothly we should soon be announcing the availability of betas for community testing on sourceforge.

Note that Canonical have recommended that 8.04 LTS users wait till 10.04.1 comes out in July to upgrade. With the community's help we should be able to find/squash the issues in the 10.04 betas and officially release a 10.04 based appliance library around that time.

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Sounds good!

I'm looking forward to having a play with the new images.

If 10.04 Server is anything like 10.04 Desktop then it should be very nice! I'm writing this post from my freshly installed 10.04 Desktop yes, a few things that I'm not overly enthused about but otherwise very slick!

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64 bit

What are the plans with 64bit appliances? Are you planning to release the 64bit image with 10.04 ?

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I can't find it right now

but I remember Liraz saying somewhere on here that 64 bit images will hopefully be released a month or 2 after the 10.04 based 32 bit appliances. I'm not sure whether he meant a couple of months after the beta or the final release so assuming all goes according to schedule could be anywhere from 2-4 months.

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PDC + Zimbra appliance

Any prospect of an appliance combining a PDC and Zimbra?

This would be brilliant for suffering users of M$ Small Business Server..

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I don't think there are any plans to combine these

But you could do it yourself. If you install a hypervisor type OS (such as VMware ESX/ESXi, ProxmoxVE, MS Server 2008 with Hypervisor, etc) on your hardware (if your hardware supports it I would strongly recommend ProxmoxVE) and then you can install whichever appliances you'd like as virtual machines.

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Beta of TurnKey Core on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

If anyone comes across this thread, the beta is now available for download.
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Any chance to see TurnKey based on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS in 2010?

Or it will be available only next year?

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I have recently speculated on this very question...

Have a read here. Alon (one of the devs) has corrected that speculation in reply (here, or just scroll down from the above link). Hope that helps.

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