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I used zimbra-conf to change the domain name and password and can not seem to get back into the admin screen. If the new domain is isn't the admin id ??

Rerunning the change did not work, nor did changeing the domain to and then back to


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Need help on editing zimbra-conf to change the default domain.

Can any one post for an example or detailed how to?



Jonathan Ate

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Hi Jonathan. Try the zimbra-conf script as mentioned on the Zimbra appliance page:

  • Includes custom zimbra-conf script to change domain, admin passwords and regenerate Zimbra related secrets.


/usr/local/bin/zimbra-conf DOMAIN ADMIN_PASS
# administrative user will be: admin@DOMAIN
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Hi Sir Jed,


Here is what I did:



# Configure Zimbra to use a new domain, admin password and regen other secrets
usage() {
    echo "usage: $0 mypass"
    echo "  var: OLD_DOMAIN"
    echo "   eg: $0 p4ssw0rd"
    exit 1
save and exit restarted zimbra (/etc/init.d/zimbra restart) still showing in the domains list
that is the only line I edited on the file do I need to edit more of the lines or uncomment other lines.
My apologies if this has been tackled on previous post, I am just new and want to learn more.
Jonathan Ate

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