Adding features (gitweb) from Revision Control to Redmine appliance

I want to run Redmine and host multiple public Git repositories for a single project, but Redmine supports only one repo per project. I see the Revision Control appliance has Gitweb running, which would allow web-based browsing of multiple repositories.

However, I would prefer not to run two separate appliances, for two reasons: (a) so that both Redmine and Gitweb are behind the same domain, with one just being, and (b) so that Redmine can reference one of the repos (i.e. the most senior or official person's) that gitweb is concurrently serving up.  I realize for (b) I could have that person push to a different appliance, but again, this would affect uniformity of access instructions among my team.

So, my question is: is there some simple, easy way to get the Revision Control appliance high-level features installed on the Redmine appliance?  ...or do I have to manually (well, apt-get) install gitweb and figure out the appropriate settings to enter into the Webmin page for Apache config?

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If you want a feature from one appliance in another appliance often the only thing you can do is figure out how to install it manually using the appliance that has that as a reference.

Oh and sorry for the delayed response, we're right the middle of a development cycle.

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Any idea how to add a new repo for GIT or SVN in the Rev Cntrl Appl ?

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