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I've made a few usability enhancements that should make it easier for the community to engage with the TurnKey forums. Crossed out a bunch of errata that I've had stuck in my todo list for a while.

  • E-mail notifications now work for guests (e.g., users that haven't registered for an account). A guest that posts will now be subscribed to e-mail notifications for that thread by default, unless he clicks to opt-out.
  • Cleaned up the e-mail notification templates for logged in users. There was a lot of unnecessary cruft in the old notification e-mails. Alon and I are subscribed to everything that happens on the site so this was a personal itch I had been wanting to scratch for a while.
  • fixed the theming for blockquote.
  • Syntax highlighting (example) with Google's Code Prettify javascript library. It works in comments too. I haven't gotten around to integrating this with CKeditor just yet so I expect not many will use it but if you're pasting a nice piece of code to the forums do it like this:
Your code here. Prettify should automatically detect the filetype...

This is what blockquotes look like now, in case you're wondering...


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