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I have a conference I am setting up, and need some help....

300 PCs, 8 Turnkey File Servers, VERY FLAT NETWORK....

I need the 300 Windows NT workstations (Split between the 8 file servers) to sync a folder from the file servers.....also need the file servers to sync (Rsync???) the same folder from 1 main file server.


The problem is, I have not been able to get a completely open (read only) share setup on the Turnkey file servers, and my guess is I will need to make a Cron job on each so that they sync from 1 main file server.


Should I use the version of Rsync for windows? I would like for this to run as a system resource, as the workstations are locked down, and that may pose a issue for the file sync...

The main reason for the multi server  setup is that this is a flat network that is 100Mb switches that are daisy chained off a main switch in each area...I figured a normal PC with Turnkey FS loaded would handle about 50 PC's for any small updates that would occure, and then the PC's could then run something as a system process to get JUST the updates when the PCs are idle to prevent bandwidth overload...

I am open to any and all ideas.


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