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Hi guys,

I'm not experienced with Apache, and having trouble properly configuring mercurial push support.  I've done this before with lighttpd, but not Apache.  Can someone recommend the right way to add https push support to the hg hello world repo?

What I've tried so far is to add the following to the conf.d/hg file:

<Location /hg>
    AuthType Basic
    AuthName "Mercury Repositories"
    AuthUserFile /etc/apache2/passwords
    Require valid-user
My passwords file is working, and I can clone with authentication successfully.  I can't push though.  The first error I saw was an authorization failure.  I chown'd the /srv/repos directory to www-data:www-data, and got past that initial authorization failure, but am now seeing this (in tortoisehg when trying to push):
(falling back to static-http)
requirement '<body bgcolor="#f0f0f8"><font color="#f0f0f8" size="-5"> -->' not supported
[command interrupted]
Also, this is my first foray into a turnkey appliance, so apologies if I'm missing something basic.
Thanks for any help,

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