LAMP Update from Webmin

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Updating the LAMP from Webmin causes the admin page to become unaccessable.  Firefox displays something like which application do you wish to use to open application/x-httpd-php, or something to that effect.  I think the update breaks php somehow.

Has anyone seen this and have a fix?

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I don't use Webmin as much as I used to but I recall some strange behaviour perhaps similar to what you describe. From memory logging back in (from scratch) solved the issue. I notice from the screenshot it's trying to access via http rather than https. Try navigating directly to

Also give it few minutes to restart all the services after the update/upgrade.

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I could get back into Webmin, but the problem was logging in to any of the virtual webservers that I created.  I upgraded to the latest vm version and migrated everything over.  Seems to have solved the problem.  Thanks for the suggestion!

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